According to Merriam-Webster, undaunted is an adjective, and it means: courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty; not discouraged. With everything going on in the world right now, UNdaunted is the best way to describe Council Bluffs:  courageous and not discouraged.


Our inspiration came from the book Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West (Ambrose, 1996). From July 22, 1804, through July 26, 1804, Lewis and Clark stopped near the Pottawattamie and Mills County borders where they set up Camp White Catfish. This camp was named after a large albino catfish that they caught in the Missouri River. Here the crew rested and repaired their gear before they continued their journey through parts of the country that had never been explored.


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This post was originally published on April 30, 2020 on the Unleash Council Bluffs blog.