Despite a global pandemic, it was an exciting year for the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex! The complex implemented several enhancements that increase the venue’s value by making it more accommodating, safe, and attractive.

On July 30th, the protective netting installation was completed. This protective netting increases protection from foul balls. Now you’ll find a net canopy between fields 1-4 that covers approximately 17,000 square feet, and another between fields 7-10 that covers about 27,000 square feet. Fields 5 and 6 have newly constructed structures that not only deliver protection from foul balls but also provide shade.

While the City of Council Bluffs Parks and Recreation did not host any youth leagues this summer, other organizers throughout the metro rented the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex to host their games and tournaments. So far this year, the Rec Complex has hosted nine tournaments and 1,204 games.



Also new this year is a sophisticated live-streaming and on-demand software service called HiCast Sports Network. HiCast allows baseball and softball fans to watch the game online via a mobile app or web browser on a computer. Games can be watched live or later on-demand as all games will be archived for three months. The HiCast mobile app also allows viewers to save, zoom, and trim game highlights and share them on Facebook or Twitter.

The installation of HiCast equipment at the Rec Complex comes at no cost to the City of Council Bluffs. HiCast users must purchase a HiCast Pass to view the games, seven-day passes, and monthly passes, start at $12.99. Thanks to HiCast, players, coaches, family, and friends can watch (or re-watch!) wherever they feel comfortable and safe. HiCast is a perfect option for maintaining social distancing while not missing a game! The installation of HiCast is a huge win for the CB Rec Complex!

While baseball and softball tournaments are wrapping up, the dedicated Rec Complex staff has transitioned into accommodating youth soccer and youth football leagues.

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This blog was written by the City of Council Bluffs Parks & Recreation Department. Visit their website for more information. 

This post was originally published on September 4, 2020 on the Unleash Council Bluffs blog.