Multiple businesses on the Historic 100 Block of West Broadway have completed the free health department COVID-19 inspections with Pottawattamie County Public Health. During the inspection, health officials help review your re-opening procedures and advise you on proper disinfecting and social distancing procedures. All businesses that participate will receive a window decal to let customers know that your business is doing all that it can to properly protect customers and employees from the spread of COVID-19.

Inspected Businesses:

For businesses wanting to schedule a consultation, call Pottawattamie County Public Health at (712) 242-1120. If you have completed the inspection or have one scheduled, please contact

The unprecedented situation of the pandemic has led to a lot of negativity and scrutiny on social media. Several businesses on the 100 Block are taking deliberate steps, like the inspections, to help keep their customers and staff members as safe as possible. There are also simple steps that you can take to help assist in their efforts. Practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and not going out in public when you aren’t feeling well are ways that you can help our local businesses stay open and safe. As residents venture out safely to do business, please patronize the 100 Block and other local businesses throughout Council Bluffs as much as possible.

This post was originally published on August 7, 2020 on the Unleash Council Bluffs blog.