There’s a lot going on this Halloween! The convergence of a full moon, a blue moon, daylight savings time, and a Halloween unlike any we’ve seen before. Don’t worry, there are still several ways to celebrate this festive day!

We visited the Halloween & Costume Association’s “Halloween Like We’ve Never Seen: Make it Safe, Keep it Fun” website to learn how to safely celebrate this season. It helps pick appropriate activities based on your state and county location. In Pottawattamie County, we are considered to be in the orange zone which gives us several unique options!

1. Driving Tour of Council Bluffs' Best Halloween Decorations!

Put on your costumes and jump in the car for a driving tour around Council Bluffs to view some of the best and over-the-top Halloween decorations around.

We’ve put a call out to Council Bluffs residents to let us know of places around town that have the best Halloween decorations in their yards. Here are the places that were recommended to check out!

Please be courteous as you drive by the houses listed below. Drive slowly and do not park in or block any driveways! 

Do you know of a house that has awesome decorations but isn’t on our list yet? Email or call our senior content manager to let her know! (712) 256-2577 ext. 2 or


2. Trick or Treat Drive-By

After you’ve put on your awesome costume, drive over to a friend or family member’s house to spread the holiday cheer. Honk when you arrive and safely deliver treats to your loved ones from a distance. Be sure to pack your hand sanitizer and mask!


3. Wear Your Costume All Week! 

Why not extend the fun and wear your costumes all week?! Go for your daily walks, run your #5k Friday, or run your errands all dressed up. Surprise your coworkers by attending a Zoom meeting in costume!


4. Family Candy Hunt

Strategically hide Halloween candy out in the yard and have the kids enjoy a candy hunt! This will allow the kids to burn some energy while they search around for treats. Make it even more fun by coming up with spooky clues and riddles to help guide them.


5. Halloween Coloring Party!

Turn on a Halloween playlist from Spotify and color these festive coloring sheets from Angels Care Home Health with your family members! Simply click this link to download and print your coloring pages from home. 


For more awesome and safe ways to celebrate, we recommend visiting the Halloween & Costume Association’s website. They have great tools and resources to help make the most of the holiday while staying as safe as possible!

If you plan on allowing trick or treaters to your home, consider signing the Official Halloween 2020 Safe House Guidelines pledge to let everyone know your house is fun and safe!


This post was originally published on September 28, 2020 on the Unleash Council Bluffs blog.