Aviva Omaha Presents Marcos Witt

September 21, 2019
Mid-America Center

Marcos Witt founded the Canzion Group in 1987, originally called Canzion Produccione, a Mexican company that produces modern Christian music in Spanish. His first album, Song to God produced in 1986, performed by himself, marks the formal start of his musical career. A year later he would gain his largest recognition in his entire musical history as male vocalist of the year at the 1987 AMCL Awards; but it was in 1991 with the Disco Proyecto AA that projected his music to international level, among some of the songs stands out, "Renew Me" was the winner as a composition of the year in 1992 in the AMCL Awards.

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Mid-America Center
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Council Bluffs, IA

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