6 Places to Get Your Pizza Fix

New York may reign king in the pizza world, and Chicago stakes a claim with its iconic style, but Council Bluffs holds its own when it comes to dishing out a drool-worthy slice. From family-owned tradition to chefs unafraid to get a little out there with toppings, our city's pizza-scape won't disappoint your average pie fanatic. While this may not be a list of the end-all-be-all best pizzas ever, a stop at any of these Council Bluffs favorites is sure to curb even the mightiest of cravings.

Pizza King

A family operation since its inception in 1965, Pizza King is a mom-and-pop shop doing it right. Alongside your usual-suspect pizzas of meat lovers, vegetarian and Hawaiian, the Poulos family heritage shines through their Greek-inspired specials, including the Athenian Delight and Greek Cowboy – loaded high with gyro meat and feta. Swing by for some truly killer 'za and bow down to the culinary greatness that is Pizza King.

Barley’s Bar

Gone are the days of gut-busting toppings sitting in puddles of pepperoni grease: Barley's is out to prove that beer and pizza can be a cheesy-malty love affair. Cranking out made-to-order pies with homemade dough and the freshest available ingredients, this downtown pub gives bar food a whole new meaning. As for the menu, they're serving up everything from Thai chicken to a cheeseburger pizza complete with ketchup and mustard sauce. Need we say more?

Dough Boyz

Sometimes the best pizza of all is the one you eat on your own couch in front of the TV. No shame in a carryout pie from that corner hangout down the street — as long as you're ordering from the right street. Whether you go with the barbecue brisket, Philly cheese steak or chili cheese dog, Dough Boyz is whipping out pies that will have you rushing back for more.

Glory Days Sports Bar & Grill

The only reason to leave Glory Days without a slice (or two) of the Butcher in your stomach is that you're vegetarian. Decked out with hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, bacon and Canadian bacon, this all-in-one man cave favorite kicks bar-style pizza up a notch. Congrats meat lovers, your wildest dreams just came true.


Lansky's is one of those places that treats pizza with a capital P. With a 20-year track record to back it up, this fast-casual restaurant and its highly addictive pies give competitors a serious run for their money. Whatever pie you choose, top it with the quattro formaggio. A smooth blend of mozzarella, romano, provolone and asiago, the cheese alone may just redefine your idea of the entire food category.

Pizza Counter

Don't be deceived by Pizza Counter's modest menu. Mastering classic flavors with a homemade taste that puts the big chains to shame, this place will recalibrate your pizza baseline forever. Order your favorite topping combo, a delightful pocket pizza, or whatever calls to you. It's a beloved staple in Council Bluffs' pizza portfolio, and a must-try for any aficionado in the area.
This post was originally published on April 25, 2017 on the Unleash Council Bluffs blog.