Unlike Anywhere Else

Unashamed. Undaunted. Unstoried no more.

It’s time to make the unknown, known. Time to uncover the people, the places, the history and the happenings that makes us proud. Unlike Anywhere Else is more than just a logo, more than just a tagline. It’s an attitude. A way of life. Council Bluffs has been one of the Midwest’s best kept secrets – until now. 

Over the past decade, Council Bluffs has rapidly transformed into a vibrant community with enormous potential. We pride ourselves on being a community that can come together and make things happen.

Unlike Anywhere Else gives us an identity and a language to help us talk about who we are and about what’s happening in Council Bluffs.

Together we built it. Together we're proud of it. 

Unlike Anywhere Else was built by the people of Council Bluffs, for the people of Council Bluffs. This is something we hope will sustain the message and brand for many years to come. 

Use Unlike Anywhere Else to tell your story.

Define what Unlike Anywhere Else means to you or your organization and share the message in a positive way. We encourage you to adopt the campaign brand and messaging as your own in whatever creative ways you can think of – designing a T-shirt, using UN in your event theme or enhancing your organization’s marketing materials with the campaign logo and assets.

We encourage you to use Unlike Anywhere Else, but we do ask that you follow a few basic guidelines:

  • Unlike Anywhere Else is about community pride – please use the campaign only to speak positively about Council Bluffs.
  • Feel free to use the campaign logo and assets to enhance your marketing materials – but never use the campaign logo as part of your organization’s logo.
  • Unlike Anywhere Else does not take sides – please don’t use the campaign or any of its assets for political purposes.
  • Council Bluffs is a friendly place – please do not use the campaign in an offensive, profane, sexual, racist, violent or hateful context.

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