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Bring It to CB

Bring your group's training, conference, or tournament to Council Bluffs! Earn $1 for every paid hotel room night from your event!

Remember how proud you were when your child scored their first goal at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex? How excited were you with seconds left on the clock and your child shot the winning point at their basketball tournament, hosted at the Iowa West Field House? Did you have to hold back tears of joy as your spouse took the stage to be honored for their hard work during their company gala at the Mid-America Center?

Let’s share those feelings of UNbridled pride. Let’s share the places that make those UNparalleled moments possible.

Council Bluffs is home to:

Due to these UNbelievable venues, we have hosted numerous UNforgettable events.

We are here to retell CB’s UNtold stories. We will show our neighbors we will not sit by UNheard. CB has the venues, the potential, and the pride to make every event successful. Together as a city, we can Bring It to CB!

>>> Mission

To educate our residents about the UNlimited venues and amenities we have right in our backyard. To encourage you to bring events, conferences, and tournaments to CB.

>>> Why

When you bring an event to Council Bluffs, you create an economic impact for local businesses and for local government. Every hotel stay in CB is taxed seven percent, and half of those funds are used specifically for city recreational, cultural, and entertainment facilities as well as encouragement of future tourism business. Last year, hotel/motel taxes brought in $2.5 million for the city. Locals benefit the most!

>>> Incentives

When you work with the Council Bluffs Convention & Visitors Bureau to bring a new event to CB, we'll give you $1 for every paid hotel room booked in town for your event! Plus, you'll be helping boost your local economy and showing off Council Bluffs to new visitors. It's a classic win-win-win scenario.

>>> Follow Us

Join our Bring It to CB Facebook and LinkedIn groups to join the conversation about hosting events in Council Bluffs!

>>> Testimonials

John Dresher
Past President, Southwest Iowa Association of Realtors
Arian Haddix
Executive Director, Council Bluffs Soccer Club

Bring It to CB!

Start planning your event with assistance from the CBCVB! Fill out a quick online form with details about your event and we'll help you, well, bring it to CB!

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